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Yes well I have noticed two things, first is that most dA users don't actually look at a photograph because it is good, they do because it has a cat in it.¹ There is no sort of meaningful feedback, commonly you will revive favourites for the first couple seconds after it is submitted by people who favourite anything and at most you will get a comments that only says "Cute".²

deviantArt is simply just not the place for me to upload my photographs, I am not getting anything out of it and it is just too much trouble to upload them here with no return. If you still wish to see it somewhere (not that is is special in any way).

I will keep posting on my website, flickr, and possibly a couple other places.

1. My submission with the most favourites and comments is why such big eyes you have, which purely speaking is not a good photograph.

2. My photograph of a jaguar, which I think is one of my better photos, simply has one comment that doesn't add anything.
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I was thinking and though that it couldn't hurt to offer prints of photographs.

If you want a print of a photograph I have posted, or you think I have one of you, PM me.

So far I only have the prices for 4 by6 inch (about 10 by 15 centimetres) prints, prices may vary for other sizes. (prices do not include shipping, photos MAY be delivered)

1-5: 3.00 each.
6-10: 2.50 each.
11-15: 2.25 each.
>15: 2.00 each.

Also if for some reason you would like me to shoot an event, or really anything, feel more than welcome to PM me (price would include film used, processing, and post [if applicable]).

If you think think I may have a photo of you PM me and ask if you would like a copy or print.
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I am tired of seeing naked women all over my deviantART. Please stop whatever you're doing, thank you.
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I figured it was about time to write a Journal entry.

Well I'm about to go get Denny's with :iconawlb: so laters.